our mission “ We make renovating simple. ”

An idea, a vision, a common goal - at Homebell we are working to revolutionize the home improvement market. We want to make life easier for our customers. For this we give our daily best! Thanks to our self-developed and unique technology, users can book their entire home improvement project online in just a few steps. In addition, we take over the entire planning and execution of the booked project. Here nobody works for himself. We only achieve our goals if we work together. Our motivation? The happiness and satisfaction of our customers.

Become a part of Homebell and together we will be closing in on our goals.

Responsibility from the 1st day
From your first day on you take responsibility and get the tools you need for your professional development. At Homebell you take your career into your own hands!

Collective development
At Homebell, the team is key to our success: working together on our future. You can expect an ambitious team, an inspiring atmosphere and most of all fun at work.

High learning potential
Different talents and experiences meet at Homebell. Learn from your colleagues and inspire them! Only in this way can we grow in our tasks and be successful.

What awaits you?

A highly-motivated, international team, an exciting work environment, daily new challenges, and your own projects await you at Homebell.
We will give you the space and freedom to develop professionally and personally during your time with us.

“Great learning opportunities in a young and exciting working environment. Lot of responsibilities are given from day one while the company pushes you to learn and develop new skills.”

Joep, Online Marketing Coordinator

"Homebell is a great environment to work in, with a great sense of empowerment, I am encouraged to exercise ownership and experience a sharply rising learning curve everyday.”

Rana - Jr. Product Manager

"What I really love about Homebell is the team spirit and the friendships it has created. In addition, you can rely on everyone on a professional level. Simply loving it."

Philip - Team lead sales

The Teams

The Sales-Team
We are goal-oriented, confident, and hungry for success. We are looking for communication skills among those of you that would do anything in your power to help our clients. If you feel this description applies to you, and you also have sales or constructive experience, apply now -- we’re waiting for you!

The Operations Team
We love structure and an organized, orderly environment. The fulfillment of our client’s wishes is our ultimate goal. We achieve this through elegant communication, empathy, and a pleasant and confident attitude. We are the bridge between our clients and our partners. If you, too, have these organizational skills and are confident in conversations conducted primarily over the phone, apply now. We can’t wait to meet you!

The Marketing Team
We are passionate about our ideas, creative in their implementation, and entrepreneurial in the pursuit of our goals. We bring Homebell to the people with efficient and variously directed approaches. In our mind, the most important characteristics to bring to the table are openness, creativity, ambition, and independence. If you possess all these traits in addition to professionalism and a passion for marketing, you are the potential colleague of our dreams.

The Pricing Team
Our mission is to create the best price-to-quality ratio possible for our clients. We develop and optimize systems, so that our colleagues in Sales and Operations can quickly and easily calculate accurate offers for our clients. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that we are Homebell’s mathematical geniuses. In addition to being partial to Algebra, we also love effective communication. We work daily with all the other departments. If you feel as you would fit in well with this environment, and are a Math badass with great communication skills to boot, apply directly with us.

The Design Team
We take pride in our work. We make sure that our clients can navigate our website quickly and easily, and that the booking of a project is the best possible experience for them that it can be. The ideas and visions of each member of the team helps us to constantly optimize our product. If you can picture yourself amongst our team and already have experience with design, send in your application now. We’ve been waiting for you!

The Product Team
We develop. We learn. We optimize. And we simplify the lives of our customers and colleagues. Based on the demands of the market, we adapt and ensure that each that we develop all the various products on offer. Ingenuity, strong technological understanding, orderly work, and the ability to multitask are the characteristics we’re seeking. Do you feel as though you were born for this work? Then you are the one we seek!

The Business-Development Team
We focus on the growth and expansion of every aspect of the business -- every day. Our goal is to bring Homebell to the forefront of the business world. In order to achieve this, we have to work successfully to coordinate all manners of projects and correctly analyze and all the information we process. Our understanding of the business is the guarantee of our success. If you are hungry of success and have experience in the start-up world, apply now!

The Admin Team
HR, Legal, Finance, and Office Management are the departments that form the backbone of the company. We are the heart and soul of our office. Analytical, efficient, and organized work is important to and meaningful for us. Thanks to our calm and open manner and empathetic tendencies, we are able to solve our colleague’s problems and stand alongside them with advice and action. Does this sound like you? Then we’d love to meet you.

We look forward
to meet you!

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